Introducing the “Live Wire” Collection

This fun and light-hearted series featuring bold color and strong black outlines is inspired by my notebook sketches that capture so much expression in just a few simple lines.

The series reflects a distillation of my painting process. When people ask me how I am able to paint so realistically with watercolor, I tell them that I think in terms of stained glass – working one wet section at a time and loading each up with a crazy amount of color and texture. Additionally, the precise thick outline designs are highly simplified sketches – isolating just the essential lines. The combined simplifications of my drawing and painting approach creates a modern new look alive with possibilities.

Explore the “Piece of the Action” Collection

The exciting series “Piece of the Action” captures the Western horse in the heat of performance – from cowboy mounted shooting and barrel racing to cutting and reining. I know first hand how much the horse can love the exhilaration of being part of the action. For that reason, each painting focuses in on the horse’s emotion, inviting us to feel that moment of exertion. Each original painting and its’ custom built frame is physically branded with a custom brand of my signature.

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Photography Partners

Lisa Lopuck partners with leading equestrian photographers and licenses select images to paint from as references. She takes artistic license to change up the horse’s markings, add and remove elements, and inject the piece with her signature bold colors and textures to create a vibrancy that is the hallmark of her work. Lisa is always looking to partner with new photographers. Drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you.

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Prescott Rodeo 2016 Poster

Poster Commission for 2016 Prescott “World’s Oldest Rodeo”

I am honored to be selected to paint and design this year’s official poster for the 129th Annual World’s Oldest Rodeo at the Prescott Rodeo Grounds. Since 1888, this traditional event has occurred annually over the 4th of July weekend with eight breath-taking performances. My painting for this year’s poster features a roper. Both he and his horse have their “Eye on the Prize.”

2016 Official Rodeo Poster for the Prescott Rodeo “Eye on the Prize” by artist Lisa Lopuck
Prescott World’s Oldest Rodeo