Turn Your AI-Generated Art into Beautiful Framed Canvas Prints

Turn Your AI-Generated Art into Beautiful Framed Canvas Prints

Don't you just love creating AI-generated art with mobile apps like Wonder and Dream? You're not alone! These apps have made it possible for anyone to explore their creativity and generate stunning pieces of art using artificial intelligence.

But have you ever thought about turning your AI art creations into beautiful framed canvas prints that you can hang on your wall at home or office? 

For over 20 years I've partnered with world-class fine art giclée printers. So, my immediate thought was to extend my wholesale rates and digital expertise to the AI art generation.

High quality large scale prints of your AI art

I am pleased to announce that I am now offering this service -  offering affordable prices and large-scale sizes - making it easy for you to turn your favorite AI-generated artworks into beautiful pieces of physical art. 

We will upscale and prepare your image for giclée printing to ensure that your prints are of the highest quality, with sharp colors and crisp lines that capture every detail of your digital art - printing up to a whopping 40x60 for your 2:3 ratio images and up to 36x36 for your 1:1 ratio images - way beyond what is offered natively within the Dream app.

We make it easy for you to order your canvas prints online. Simply visit our website at www.lopuck.com and choose the size and frame options that suit your taste. Then email us your AI art file and we'll take care of the rest.

Earn passive income from your AI generated art

In addition to turning your AI-generated art into beautiful framed canvas prints, did you know that you can also earn passive income from your art? 

I am the co-founder of ShareGallery.com, a revenue-sharing marketplace. We can post your art to ShareGallery so that your friends and fans can purchase prints of your AI art - earning you a percentage of the profits every time someone buys a print of your art. You can share a link to your art on your social channels, or even download a QR code that links to your art - making it easy for your followers to scan and purchase.

How to get started

Generate AI art with the Wonder or Dream apps in either the 1:1 or 2:3 / 3:2 image ratio. Save your creation with the "high-resolution" option. 

Place an order at Lopuck.com - choosing a print size and frame color - and then email your AI art file to us at art@lopuck.com referencing your order number.

Let us know in your email if you want us to also post your print on ShareGallery.com so that others can also start buying your print - earning you additional revenue.

Get started today at www.lopuck.com.

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