Host a Paint Party Night

Host a Paint Party Night

I am a professional artist, but most of my friends are afraid to even look at a blank canvas. Imagine the pressure to come up with something remotely cool when attending one of those "paint and wine" "paint and sip" parties! So, I came up with a solution! Pre-marked, humorous designs you can paint yourself.

Thick black lines make it easy to "stay within the lines" and add a fun graphical element to the designs. It's nearly impossible to screw these up - no matter how tipsy you get LOL! Enjoy all the wine and adult beverages you want, socialize with friends, and let the painting paint itself!

I've got 8 designs to choose from, with video instructions and a list of recommended supplies you can find anywhere (acrylic paint, black permanent markers, and acrylic gloss varnish).

Take a look at my collection on Shopify here. Happy sip and paint night!

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