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Black Tourmaline Watercolor Paint - Starry Night

Black Tourmaline Watercolor Paint - Starry Night

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Handmade fine art watercolor paint made from sustainably foraged genuine black tourmaline hinted with metallic mica for unbelievable color and granulating texture effects.

You are buying 1 standard watercolor pan with magnet. 1" x 5/8" x 3/8" deep / 18mm x 28mm x 10mm deep with a 5ml fill.

Made in a small batch with natural materials. The black tourmaline pigment and deep indigo mica is combined with gum arabic, honey, essential clove oil (preservative), and vegetable glycerin.

How to Use

To use, pre-wet the paint with 1-2 drops of water and let the water sit for 20-30 seconds. Give it a swirl with your brush and you're ready to paint.

Care & Storage

Once you're done painting, make sure to let your pans dry before closing your palette. This will help keep your watercolors in good condition and avoid any form of mold or mildew.

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Painting with black tourmaline watercolor